Friday, March 27, 2009

Question & Answer

i v him 2gether 1 year ad,
but in my heart
i still gt question 1 2 ask him,
evertime i 1 ask him
he will no reply me n answer me
eventough i begging him
he still dun tell me the answer 1 1
i noe,
cz he dun 1 i noe abt his past
but i'm a girl,
sure gt many problem 1 2 ask
but he rely dun noe y us so many question
yesterday i gt the answer d..
i gt many question 1 2 ask
but i jz ask 1 question oly
cz i dun 1 him felt tat i so annoying him
n force him..
leave some question ask next time ..
yesterday i ask him like dis..
"Dear, can u pls tell me the answer i 1,
i 1 noe ,cz vry important 2 me,
u muz answer me n cannot mad at me n
muz answer me truthfully!!!''
in my heart, so struggling..
cz i scare he will nt answer me n eventough angry me
at last,he gt tell me but i can felt tat he nt hapi v my question...
''b4 u v me 2gether, izzit u break v the gel ad?
izzit she noe wat u 1 break v her?
izzit u gt chat v her?''i dun 1 u lie me..
izzit im the 3rd person ?''
i ask him like tat...
although he tell me,he was break v her then jz v me 2gether,
but i c from her eyes he is lying me...
i cannot cry,i tell myself b4 if 1 ask
then after noe the answer muz brave 2 accept..
i noe he won't lie me ,
but abt dis,abt his past ,
he will!!
he dun 1 i sad dun 1 me tin 2 much,
but u noe y i 1 noe answer ,,
y i 1 noe ur past ,
y u say dun ask abt his past i still 1 ask,
cz i 1 noe ,i 1 noe y u like tat treat her,
then i will nt do the thing tat she done,
so u will nt treat me like tat in the future....

izzit he was rite?
dun noe the answer more hapi n won't tin so much?
izzit rely like tat?

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