Wednesday, April 8, 2009

MQA=idiot + bull shit

2day i will b interview by the interviewer who cum from MQA !! i my mind, i dun noe wat is the MQA. MQA can stand 4 MALAYSIA QUALIFICATION AGENCY hng.. 12pm i reach the dkz.. then sit according 2 my respective programme i was arrange in group 2.. is vry strange 4 me,cz tat hv no anyone who i recognize.. to me, it is vry wasting my time.. n vry boring 2 sit there n do nth wat going 2 happen in tat few hours? rely sad, we jz sit n wait 2 be call by the interviewer.. is ok 2 wait there, cz i tin it won't take me 2 much time 4 the interview.. but, i was wrong... almost 2pm, my FOM lecture class will b start soon... i still at there waiting 4 nth... bull shit!! we nt idiot , we cum 2 sch is 4 study learning more knowledge.. then now we wasting our time ,give up our study, then waiting some1 2 call us.. i was vry angry, vry bad mood at there.. i dun care wat is going on, i jz noe i was wasting 2 much time 2 do nth, almost 4pm, i decide bc ad.. many of them oso bc so i jz follow it.. for me, 2day i jz wasting my time n spend my time in the hall sit there n b an idiot.. vry angry n vry no mood 2 do other thing...haiz... time is running , then i was waste so much time... hw ? vry sad 2 me...

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